How to register your company online with E-zi.

  • All you need is your ID document.
  • Complete the online form by clicking the “BUY NOW” button at the top of this page.

How long does it take to register a company?

Generally new registrations take 24-48 hours business days.

What is a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is a company that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity – metaphorically put on the “shelf” to “age”.

A shelf company enables a business to appear more trustworthy, suppliers and clients are likely to have more confidence in businesses that have a longer operating history.

Do I have to register for VAT? When do I need to register for VAT?

VAT registration is voluntary if income for a 12-month period exceeds (or is estimated to exceed) R50,000.   However, you must register your business for Value Added Tax (VAT) if the total value of taxable goods or services is more than R1 million in a 12-month period, or is expected to exceed this amount.

What is the best way to keep my bookkeeping up to date once I have registered my company?

Xero is an online award leading accounting software specifically designed for small businesses.

If you are new to Xero, then contact Zuydam Accountants +27 (0)21 913 9745. Zuydam is Gold Xero partner and will gladly assist you getting setup with Xero.

Why E-zi?

E-zi specialises in providing secretarial services online for South African companies. From registering a new company, appointing a company director, to CIPC Annual Returns.  E-zi ensures compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

E-zi is powered and supported by Zuydam.

Need more information?

Should you have additional requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us +27 (0)21 913 9745.


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